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NEW Small Wheel Adapter


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THIS IS THE NEW SMALL WHEEL ADAPTER FOR USE ON NEW KINETIC 2.0 TRAINERS MODELS: T-2200, T-2300, T-2400, T-2500, T-2700, and T-2800. A must for BMX, recumbents and any bike with tires having an outside diameter of 22" or less. The small wheel adapter raises the level of the resistance unit of any of the Kinetic Trainers by up to three inches. By doing this, the trainers fit tires with outside diameters as small as 16". By using this adapter, Kinetic Trainers accommodate most BMX, kids and recumbent bikes.

If using an older Kinetic trainer with a "V-style" frame, the OLD Small Wheel Adapter is the compatible product. See it here.

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