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The Kinetic inRide is our next-generation power meter. The system uses the Bluetooth Smart™ communication protocol found in Apple devices including the: iPhone 4s and 5-series and 6-series and the iPad 3, 4 and Mini and iPod Touch 5th generation to wirelessly pair a heart rate monitor and power sensor pod with the new Kinetic Fit App* to measure power with any Kinetic fluid trainer.

Our Android beta is now live. Log in to your Google account and click this link: Android App Beta


Our incredibly accurate fluid trainer power curve allows precise wattage readings at exact speeds as measured indoors on a Kinetic fluid trainer. Firmware in the inRide Sensor Pod measures speed and cadence at the tire and translates that to wattage with a simple equation. That data and the heart rate data is collected and displayed on the paired iPhone. Post-workout file sharing allows you to upload training data to your favorite web site or email files to a remote coach.

All current and previous versions of Kinetic fluid trainers including: the Road Machine, Rock And Roll and Pro Trainer are compatible with Kinetic inRide allowing the rider to capitalize on the benefits of a wattage-based training program.

*AVAILABLE FOR iPHONE 4s and 5 series and 6 series, iPad 3, 4 and Mini and iPod Touch 5th generation (NOT AN iPAD-SPECIFIC APP)